PHOTOS:David Maraga Does What Willy Mutunga Strongly Hated


New Chief Justice David Maraga New Chief Justice David Maraga was on Thursday sworn into office in a rather peculiar outfit that most Kenyans had forgotten about.

Maraga turned up clad in a maroon robe and powdered white wig – resurrecting an old tradition that his predecessor Dr Willy Mutunga had expressed contempt for.

Perhaps setting himself apart from the leadership style of his revolutionary predecessor, Maraga’s dress code will without a doubt serve as a pointer into his leadership style and philosophy.

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In 2011, Mutunga’s swearing in ceremony was a stark contrast to what was witnessed on Thursday at State House.

The designated CJ at the time, together with his then-deputy Nancy Baraza, turned up in well fitting suits after they had both declined to wear the robes and wigs that were at the time ubiquitous in the judiciary.

In an interview after the swearing-in ceremony, Mutunga spoke in regard to his dress code and stated: “I thought I was going to insult the President and the Prime Minister, who fought so hard to get the Constitution if I showed up there (for the swearing-in) wearing colonial wigs and dresses.”

“I would be perfectly happy to wear a robe that is a Maasai blanket…That’s Kenyan,” the now-retired Chief Justice further explained his logic.

He added: “My thinking is that we (members of the Supreme Court) wear suits and then design a robe that’s very Kenyan.”

True to his promise, the Supreme Court developed a green robe and previous Supreme Court justices have worn it devoid of the wig. dug through Mutunga’s tweet archives and found a post that indicates Mutunga’s feeling towards Maraga’s dress code

I wore the dreadful wig only once. On June 19, 1972 when I was admitted to the Roll of Advocates!

Here are some of the photos:

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