Isaac Newton KinityThe US Congress should immediately do the impossibly today,  which is to postpone the scheduled elections due next month, until next year. The US Congress should convene an urgent session to discuss the postponement of the election or to discuss about an urgent referendum to decide the postponement of the election, in order to save the face of this Nation before other Nations, which have always viewed it as an example good governance and good democracy. This will pave way for the nomination of  candidates without such unbearable and damaging past record.
Failure to do so will certainly see the US adopt a dangerous path towards joining certain Nations like Rome, Greece and Britain, who were once like it many years ago, and which are not so today. If the US congress does not take care of this particular election, the US glory and the US respect it commands in the World we are living in today, will start to diminish gradually without any chance of a reversal.
I therefore sincerely plead with the US congress to wake up to my call to save the face of this wonderful Nation, the respect and the admiration it has had from all other Nations for many years, by thinking ahead.
Isaac Newton Kinity.

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