Boniface Mwangi’s Wife Arrested During Protests Against Corruption in Nairobi


Chaos erupted at Freedom corner in Uhuru park, Nairobi on Thursday morning when police officers lobbed tear gas canisters to disperse protesters who were demonstrating against massive corruption in the country.

The riots led by the Civil Society Organisation members and vocal human rights activist Boniface Mwangi had started peacefully but took a rather chaotic turn with protesters being arrested.

Police officers are also alleged to have fired live ammunition.

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Mr Mwangi’s wife was arrested during the protest when she had moved to confront the police after one of the demonstrators was nabbed. The two were taken to Central Police Station.

According to an update by Mwangi his wife together with the protester identified as Moses were later released.

The protests were prompted by the recent widely reported Sh5 Billion corruption saga at the Ministry of Health and focussed to implore President Uhuru Kenyatta to act on the vice or resign from office.

The rioters were headed to Afya House to force Health official to leave office and later hand President Kenyatta a list of demands on how to deal with corruption since the Head of State recently indicated he could do nothing else to stem the vice.

“President Uhuru asked what do you want me to do? On Thursday (03/11/2016) we shall present him with a list on what he can do as the president,” Mwangi earlier noted.

Here are the photos:

Boniface Mwangi’s wife arrested during protest.

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  1. mwana wa mau mau says

    Poor Boniface Mwangi. You just want to become popular for nothing. we like activists and their wives and they play an important role to bring change , but it has to be strategic , and well planned , you just don’t appear in street wailing and sleeping in morgues and making noise in television, No . you are punishing your wife .1. identify the problem 2. Come up with strategy like engaging lawmakers and churches, seek for a meetings with government officials , media and even the president and discuss it over, We know donors pay in dollars but they should also be fair, you don’t get leaks from government officers incomplete financial statements and you pay an activist to go to the streets to protest over half baked documents , Kenyans endorsed uhuru kenyatta and uhuru let them prove themselves for 5 years and after lets confront them with facts and figures . we don’t want to be like Sudan or somali. the same government you are abusing is the same one struggling to make sure your children wont suffer in future. you can do what njoya did , Njoya was and is highly educated and intelligent and moral. some people were saved from the streets by Joseph Kaguthi and they are getting back there with their ugly wives. Who is taking care of the children?

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