VIDEO:Drama in court as Jackson Kibor’s wife wails to save their 51 year marriage


Politician Jackson Kibor's wife Josephine breaks down in the dock during the hearing of her divorce case on Tuesday Photo/Mathews Ndanyi

Drama unfolded in an Eldoret court when the wife of veteran politician Jackson Kibor wailed loudly during the hearing of their divorce case.

Josphine burst into a loud cry accusing her husband of being insensitive.

“Why are you disturbing me this way? What have I done to deserve all this? I am unwell and can only continue when am well,” she said as she broke down in tears.

Kibor, a once powerful Kanu bigwig, filed a divorce case after 51 years of marriage against his second wife Josphine Kibor.

The couple got married in 1965.

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But the adamant Kibor insisted that the hearing must proceed to full hearing.

Senior Principal Magistrate Charles Obulutsa who is hearing the case, lawyers and those in court were caught by surprise as she cried out loudly.

But Kibor, unshaken told the magistrate that he wanted the case concluded faster so that they can divorce and move on.

“She should not have come to court if she knew that she was sick. I don’t care. All that I asked for is divorce and I don’t want many other issues. I have said I don’t need her and that is my final decision,” Kibor said.

He argued there was no way he could change his decision no matter what his wife did.

“You can see how disrespectful she is. Someone sick cannot produce such a loud voice in court. What I want is the divorce and that is it,” Kibor said.

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Obulutsa had tried to convince the lawyers to agree on how to move on considering she was unwell but Kibor’s lawyer Waziri Omollo said they wanted the matter expedited.

The court ordered the hearing to resume on February 1 2017.

The prominent businessman and farmer filed the divorce case last month seeking to end the marriage with Josephine, 67.

He accused her of desertion, cruelty and interfering with his ownership of 800 acres in Kipkabus, Uasin Gishu county.

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Kibor has told the court that he has not spent time with Josephine for 30 years and wants the court to cancel their marriage certificate issued in 1965. “She is my wife, but I have not slept in the house I built for her for the last 30 years. She does not respect me and she has been abandoning the farm for long, causing the death of my livestock and chickens,” Kibor said.

Last month Josphine told the court that she loves and respects her husband of 51 years and does not understand why the politician filed a divorce case demanding they separate.

“He is here in court and he knows very well that we have always lived happily. He is my husband and I don’t know why he brought me to court,” said Josphine.

She produced pictures of past family events where Kibor was photographed with all his three wives and other members of his family.

“The court can look at this picture in which we were very happy. We did not have any problem and you can even see he is happy here in court”, said Josphine who is represented by lawyer Amos Magut.

She has denied that she had at one time chased Kibor from their home at Kipkabus.

“Its not possible for me to chase my husband from is home. When he is away I manage the farm for the family and when we got married he always told us to work hard so that we repay a loan which he had used to purchase the land,”said Josphine.

Josphine has indicated that she will produce four witnesses to defend her 51 year’s marriage.

“In fact every Christmas we celebrate together at either of his homes and we usually take pictures in very happy moods,” she said.

Among the witnesses she will produce is Kibor’s third wife Naomi Cheptoo who also argues that they have been happily married to Kibor.

His first wife Mary is deceased and Kibor has a third wife Yunita.

Kibor has claimed that Josphine had been abandoning their home to visit her two children in Canada without his authority and those animals on the Kipkabus home had died due to lack of care when she travels.

Josephine links the dispute between them to a demand by Kibor to be allowed to sell part of their land, which she rejected.

Kibor has argued that Josphine did not come with the land when they got married.

He accused Josephine of imposing a caveat on the land to bar him from selling it.

Video by K24

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