Mukami Mugo’s sister succumbs to heart condition,help needed for the son


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On January 6th, 2017 our incredibly loved Lucy Mugo passed suddenly leaving behind her 17 year old son. Mbiyu. Earlier in the day, Lucy had visited the doctor’s office to get her pacemaker battery replaced because she was having difficulty breathing. When she came home she decided to take a rest and never woke up. Her beloved son is the one who found her unresponsive and called 911. The paramedics arrived, just to tell him she had passed away. Her son was left in the house with no family while the body was taken to the hospital until a friend came to pick him up hours later. Lucy, raised Mbiyu as a single mother and did everything to give him the best life she could offer.

Since childhood, she has struggled with a heart condition (arrhythmia) that could be at times very restricting to everyday life, but not our Lucy. She lived her life so gracefully you would never have imagined her struggles. In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she never let that take her joy away.She decided she was going to fight back and beat the cancer! Her hair fell out and she was proud to walk bald or wear a wig. At the time she was fighting breast cancer and going through chemotherapy, Lucy decided  to pursue her passion for people struggling with complexities of  both chemical dependence and mental health disorders. She received her MA in addictions counseling and was a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Her dream was to open and facilitate a free clinic for people struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Mbiyu is a high school student in CA.  He has 4 months left before he graduates and leaves for college. He has been left without a mother! Mbiyu, is our son now, and we should continue supporting him financially and emotionally like his mother would have if she were here. Nothing can take the pain of losing Lucy, the least we can do, is come together to help her son Mbiyu, send the body to Kenya for burial.

Thank you for taking the moment to read Lucy’s story.

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