Disturbing video shows police kill unarmed man in Eastleigh

A video, shared widely on social media, appears to show a non-uniformed officer shooting dead an unarmed man

In the video, a police fires at a wounded man lying on the ground multiple times in broad daylight as members of the public watch in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Nairobi County Police commander Japheth Koome confirmed the Friday incident saying the suspect was wanted for killing two police officers from Kayole and Soweto last month.

“I buried a corporal from Kayole yesterday. The same gangsters shot dead another officer yesterday,” he said.

The police boss vowed to hunt down armed criminals who kill police officers.

“Tell all gangsters out there that when they kill an officer I am ruthless and they will get it from me,” said Mr Koome.

In the footage shot from a balcony, a man is seen lying in a pool of blood on the street while another is confronted by three men, two of them holding pistols.

A crowd is gathered around the scene and the man appears to be pleading with the officers.

Twenty seconds into the clip, an officer pulls a man to open space and shoots him about five times at close range.

The man falls down and the officer is seen stepping on him as he lay on the ground as another man, believed to be an officer, walks to him and hands him another pistol.

He pumps some more bullets into the man, but he is not done.

He then walks away from the wounded man and appears to be reloading his firearm.

Walking comfortably over the young man who is writhing in pain, the officer delivers the final blow, a bullet on the back of the man’s head.

The video has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans. Some condemned the act while others praised the actions of the officer for a ‘’job well done”.

A social media user by the name, Mtoto Wa Mungu commented, “Those are thugs who have been terrorising people in Eastleigh estate. He was armed and killed a police officer. Any armed thug should be arrested, stoned and shot. Period.”

Josphat Koech commented, “Seriously, why should someone who has been arrested be killed? This police officer should be arrested ASAP. It’s wrong.”

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