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To know that even a single life has breathed easier because of your simple but sincere charitable act; this could just as well be the highest, most invaluable accomplishment for any human being.
This must have been the get-up-and-go that inspired Optiven Group to establish its Foundation, which has directly been responding to tangible needs of the Kenyan society.
The Kenyan-based foundation, – www.optivenfoundation.org; which is an offshoot of Optiven Group, is involved in philanthropic works on the key areas of poverty alleviation, environmental protection, education and health. Indeed, this is the compassionate eye on the Kenyan society.
“Since we are locally based, Optiven Foundation is able to relate with and respond to real local and specific needs of the society. Our key social empowerment principles are basically some of the key propellers that will fast-track Kenya in achieving the social pillars of her vision 2030, says Mr George Wachiuri who is Optiven Foundation’s Chairman and CEO of Optiven Group.
He notes that one exemplification of this response is the Foundation’s current projects; the Mercy Project at Soweto Anti-Aids Children’s Home in Kayole, Embakasi District in Nairobi.  This Home accommodates over 50 children who are aged between 1 – 18 years. Most of these children are orphaned due to AIDS.
The now 3 years old Optiven Foundation is currently constructing a Kshs3 million modern home for these orphans. Once complete, this new home will have amongst other facilities; 2 dormitories (one for the boys and the other one for the girls), 4 classrooms, a dining room, a matron’s room and an administration office. The facility which is seated on an eighth of an acre will also have a kitchen, lavatories and a store.
Given, this foundation is offering solutions to a substantive issue in Kenya. According to UNAIDS HIV and AIDS estimates (2015), Kenya has about 98, 000 children between age 0 and 14 who are living with HIV and another staggering 660, 000 children who are orphans due to AIDS. “The Foundation’s initiative is a classic pace-setting act for other Kenyan blue-chip organizations to also offer their hand on this area,” says Mr Wachiuri.
Other key undertakings being carried out by the Foundation include an education scholarship programme – Soaring Eagles Sponsorship http://www.optivenfoundation.org/soaringeagles. So far, this initiative has overseen over 50 students from poor family backgrounds and from about 20 Kenyan counties.
Another of the Foundation’s most recent campaign, Feed One More initiative recorded an epic distribution of tonnes of foodstuffs to over 10, 000 Kenyans, at the beginning of this year 2017. This was in response the recent drought that affected many parts of Kenya. This campaign covered areas as far as Samburu, Ngatataek in Kajiando and parts of Central Kenya.
Still, more initiatives are transforming the lives of ordinary Kenyans, one at a time. These include; the Optiven Foundation Nest which purposes at creating One Million Entrepreneurs in Kenya by the year 2035 and the ‘Restoring the Dignity of the Forgotten Senior Citizens – aimed at uplifting the aged in Kenya.
Significantly, the foundation is also keen to promote environmental sustainability through initiatives such as planting of trees, reduction on tree felling, advocacy on use of Green Energy like solar energy and wind energy. The Foundation also promotes provision and proper utilization of clean drinking water.
Ultimately, giving is the highest expression of potency. In the very act of giving, Optiven Foundation experiences its strength; its wealth; its power; and an inadvertent chance to stands shoulder-to-shoulder with some of Africa’s philanthropic greats.
Optiven Foundation can be reached on:
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]optivenfoundation.org Website: www.optivenfoundation.org YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw6xXfNCgBk
By Muchiri Muchoki

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  1. Bonnie Tinda says

    Indeed , Optiven Foundation is doing a great job in transforming lives in Kenya.

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