Mr. John Wamagata and Mr. Apolo Kamau Mwangi who live in Kenya, are Kenyans of exceptional character and exceptional will. Little known to one another, each one of them has relentlessly dedicated most of his efforts into making sure that, they use all their energy and all their possessions, to fight corruption in their midst. They have done enough in as far as what their personal resources have allowed them to do.
Mr. John Wamagata, under the umbrella of the “Operation Ondoa Panya Movement“, has been confronting all offices he has known to be associated with corruption.
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Mr. John Wamagata.        
He has reared hundreds of rats, setting them ready for use whenever an issue of corruption arises and/or is brought to his attention. He then carries very many rats to those offices, equating those corrupt Kenyans in those offices, with the rats which destroy everything everywhere. Without notice he enters such offices and releases all those rats at once and all those in the offices scramble for safety and run away in different directions. The scenario of those fleeing officers captures the attention of the news men and the public. This therefore creates attention and provides some civic education to the Kenyan people on what has been happening to the resources in the Nation.
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On the other hand, Mr. Apolo Kamau Mwangihas done a lot of work of assisting individual Kenyans who have fallen victims of corruption in Kenya. He has been going to court to file cases on behalf of such individuals and he has won several cases in the Kenyan courts on behalf of a number of desperate Kenyans. One of the current battle in court is the appeal of a case which involves the land which belonged to the late Mrs. Beatrice Syokau Gathumba who before her death, lost big chunk of land to very powerful Kenyans, after her husbands death in 1989, who then sold  pieces of that land. Those same people forged her death certificate to authenticate their possession of the land leaving her children in a limbo. Mr. Apollo is now  battling an appeal in court to help the children who were left behind.
What is surprising between the two, is that they have been using minimal resources from the rents they collect  from a few tenants in their plots.
By Isaac Newton Kinity.

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