VIDEO: Uhuru Addresses The Nation: Vote peacefully for the sake of better Kenya


President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on Kenyans to maintain peace even as they vote today.

In a televised message on Monday, the President urged Kenyans to exercise their democratic right by voting for the leaders of their choice.

“Political choices and difference should not tear us apart. We should remain friends and good neighbours after elections, no matter the outcome,” said President Kenyatta.

He added: “I urge all eligible voters to turn up in large numbers and do what democracy entitles them to do. Vote for the candidates of your choice and do it in peace. Please vote and go home. Remember your neighbour is your brother and sister and your vote should not change this. Wait for the results at home. Remember Kenya will be there long after the elections.”

President Kenyatta said he is happy that Kenyans have coexisted, “and i am sure our forefathers will equally be happy about this, that our country has remained together despite campaigns.”

“They were the architects of our future and that stewardship of trust has now passed on to us. We must not, and, I repeat, we must not disappoint them. No matter the result of this election, we must stand together as one people. Above all, we must reject intimidation. We must reject violence or any attempt to divide us.”

The Head of State said his administration had worked hard over the past four years to ensure a stable country.

“We have provided the necessary infrastructure and services. I wanted the voters to bequeath a stable country to future generations,” said Uhuru.

“We must not disappoint the founders of this nation. Equally, let us not disappoint our children. We owe them a better country. I am confident of a more prosperous future where every child can access free and quality education.”


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