Eric Omondi Arrested for Overlapping, Tries to ‘Escape’ (VIDEO)

Eric Omondi Arrested for Overlapping, Tries to ‘Escape’ (VIDEO)

Show me a crazier comedian and I will show you Eric Omondi. The Kenyan funny man is best known for outrageous stunts and he was at it again after an encounter with the police.

On Monday, Eric Omondi was caught overlapping along Mombasa Road while on the way to the airport. He was running late for his flight to New York, U.S, and opted to overlap the slow-moving traffic but the long arm of the law caught up with him.

He was flagged down by a traffic police officer on a motorbike and handcuffed before he pulled off an outrageous stunt on the officer.

Taking to social media to share a clip of the incident, Eric wrote: “Haki huyu polisi ananishika ati overlapping na nimechelewa Airport.”

Check it out below.

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