Goons leave a trail of destruction


Organised criminals in the Nasa procession Friday left a trail of destruction as they marched from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to the city centre.

A man armed with a bow and arrows was captured on camera taking cover behind a police lorry, then aiming at the police near the City Stadium.

At the same time, protestors lit newspapers and threw them into the police lorry, setting it ablaze.

It was one of the vehicles reduced to shells on Jogoo Road. Other vehicles had their windows shattered with stones.


During the procession, another man was captured on camera holding a bunch of ripe bananas in his right hand while on the left, he carried a knife stained with what appeared to be fresh blood.

Another gang of about 10 men broke into an M-Pesa kiosk along Jogoo Road.

In another incident during the chaotic day, youthful men broke into Airtel branded kiosk and Amarus shop on the road.

At Burma market, youths stormed the stalls and looted soft drinks and slaughtered chicken as well.

Fruit vendors who operate on the roadside also lost their goods.

A Nation vehicle carrying journalists was stoned and its windscreen shattered by youths. The matter was officially reported to police.


In the Nasa procession, there was a pick-up truck loaded with jerricans, from which the supporters picked water to wash their faces when tear-gassed.

All the way from the airport, where supporters received Mr Odinga, a group of youths shielded the politicians and never left their side even when they reached the police blockades.

But at the junction of Haile Selassie Avenue and Processional Way, one of Uhuru Park’s exits, the crowd ran for cover to Railway Club grounds, leaving the politician’s SUVs, forcing them to drive on.

Lynching incidents were reported on Landhies Road, country bus and at Ngonya wa Gakonya grounds at Ngara.

National Police Service spokesman George Kinoti said five people were killed in the chaos.

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