VIDEO: Kenyan Man Charged in Ax Attack in New Jersey


VIDEO: Kenyan Man Charged in Ax Attack in New Jersey

VIDEO: Kenyan Man Charged in Ax Attack in New JerseyA Brooklyn Park man facing eviction from a new landlord allegedly attacked her with an ax Tuesday when she had stopped by the residence to speak with him, according to charges filed in Hennepin County Thursday.

The man, 45-year-old Samuel Omwando Nyaboga, now faces felony attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon charges for striking his landlord with the ax multiple times.

Brooklyn Park police confirm the victim is 48-year-old Pamellah Onsongo. According to the criminal complaint she was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The victim is currently in critical condition, according to the criminal complaint.

The landlord had arrived at the residence at 8400 block of Kentucky Court North in Brooklyn Park Tuesday morning and asked another individual who answered the door if Nyaboga was home. That man told her he was in his room.

When she knocked on his door, Nyaboga emerged and attacked the landlord with the ax, striking her in the head. As he chased the fleeing landlord, Nyaboga stopped and threatened to kill the man who answered the door, the complaint says.

He then continued to chase the landlord, caught her, and allegedly struck her in the head multiple times. According to the complaint, he then returned to the residence and said he “killed the lady.”

Abraham Varela, who lives next door, watched as Brooklyn Park police surrounded the home with their guns drawn, pointed at the front door.

“They were telling him to come outside,” Varela said. “He came outside with his hands up and they told him to take his shirt off and get on the floor. They arrested him and then they pulled a woman out of the house and she was covered in blood.”

Varela recognized Nyaboga when the police took him in to custody. He told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he typically exchanged a polite wave and smile with him on a daily basis.

The complaint says the landlord had recently purchased the building. Nyaboga had not been paying rent, and the landlord had initiated eviction proceedings, it said.

Brooklyn Park police arrested Nyaboga Tuesday. He’s got a criminal history that includes a number of misdemeanor convictions, including for fifth-degree assault.

He faces a maximum 27 years in prison.


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