Miguna to Raila: Why can’t Uhuru handshake bring me back to Kenya?


Firebrand lawyer Miguna Miguna wants ODM leader Raila Odinga to explain to Kenyans why the handshake has prevented him from jetting back into the country.

Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9 vowed to reconcile the nation after the much contested 2017 general elections.

During the event at Harambee House, the two said they will reconcile Kenyans and bring unity to all.

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But immediately after the handshake took place, Miguna was for a second time deported to Canada after allegedly being sedated at JKIA where he was detained.

“If I committed treason for swearing you in, why haven’t you been arrested, detained and exiled like me?… If your handcheque with Uhuru seeks to “reconcile” Kenyans, why am I not in Kenya? Be honest with Kenyans,” Miguna said on twitter on Friday night.

“At Ahero and Kisumu towns, you told thousands of #NRMKe supporters that “Miguna will be back home on March 26, thanks to the handshake”. What are you now telling them? Why haven’t you condemned Uhuru for violating my rights?”

Miguna said his sacrifice and fearlessness on January 30, 2018 was for electoral and social justice for all Kenyans.

When Raila was sworn-in as the “People’s President’, it was Miguna who stamped the oath document, bringing possible treason charges to the fore.

Former Attorney General Githu Muigai, at the height of the preparations for the Uhuru Park event, said punishment for treason is death. Raila, at that time, said he was willing to pay the price.

Wearing a white outfit and a black hat, Raila swore by the Bible and signed documents.

“It was for justice for Msando, Baby Pendo, Moraa Nyarangi, Master Mutinda and thousands who have died senselessly. It wasn’t in aid of your personal interests,” Miguna said.

He asked Raila to explain to him if commissioning his oath of office as The People’s President was a wrong move.

“When I commissioned your Oath of Office, did I do so as a Kenyan and a Commissioner of Oaths in Kenya? Why did you take the oath if you believed as you now claim that Uhuru was a “legitimate” president?” he asked.

After Miguna was denied entry into the country on March 26, Raila, who is also the NASA leader, stepped in to have him allowed into the country.

Raila went to JKIA after Immigration officials denied the lawyer entry for lack of Kenyan passport.

Miguna had arrived into the country from Canada where he was deported on February 6.

Immigration officials said the self-declared NRMKe general needed to apply for a tourist visa in order to be allowed into the country.

But after phone calls,the lawyer could not be allowed in leaving others to wonder if the handshake between the two leaders was indeed to reconcile Kenyans.


Source The Star Newspaper

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