Optiven Group Opens Office In Kansas As It Celebrates 20 Years Of Business


In recognition of it’s 20th Anniversary in Real Estate, the Optiven Group has opened a new office in Kansas USA.  The development is a celebration of not only it’s Ruby Anniversary but the milestones achieved in that time.  The opening of the new office adds to it’s network in Kenya with offices in three locations including it’s head office at the Central Business District.

Prior to opening the Kansas Office, the Optiven Group led by it’s Chief Executive Mr. George Wachiuri issued out hundreds  of title deeds to diaspora investors in the United States of America as well as in a number of countries in Europe and Africa respectively.  The leading Real Estate Company has further increased it’s projects, it has sold out at least 20 projects and is now zoning in to it’s 60th project.

Speaking at the opening, Wachiuri said ‘It is a humbling experience for us at Optiven Group when we transform the society by making life better for the young and old, the vulnerable and the able, and all across the stakeholders. We are satisfied that with the life empowerment through building houses for the poor – we are making a difference one life at a time.‘  Projects allied to the Optiven Group are desired from investors world wide because of the value additions key of which are centered on environmental improvements, serving the less fortunate in society and enabling the society wherever the projects are. Speaking on the opening  of the Optiven Group office to be located in the Midwest-Kansas area, Wachiuri added that “This is the beginning of our signature improved services to our valued customers in North America.”Wachiuri has thanked the diaspora customers for their support towards realization of the Optiven Group Mission which is to economically and socially empower and transform the society.


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The Kansas office will serve customers readily enabling them to sign their  transfer  documents abroad and where payments are complete, title deeds will be issued on demand without travelling to Kenya.  there   and those who finish  paying  for their properties  can pick  their  titles  deeds  without travelling  to Kenya.  The company expects to leverage the performance of the new office to consider expansion into the United States and Europe in the near future.

We want to thank  all diaspora  customers  for the support to Optiven vision of Economically and Socially empowering and transforming the Society.

Mr. George Wachiuri – the Optiven Group Chief Executive Officer (far right) with the Optiven Group team at the Kansas City offices.


Optiven USA Office (North America – Midwest)

Address: 9308 W 87th ter, Overland Park, KS 66212

Phone: 913-221-5046

Regional Representative: Mr Stanley

Email: [email protected]

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