Confusion among Kenyans in Diaspora as Embassies Websites give conflicting information


Confusion among Kenyans in Diaspora as Embassies Websites give conflicting information

Confusion among Kenyans in Diaspora as Embassies Websites give conflicting informationKenyans abroad, especially those living in Canada must be wondering what is the exact position with regards to the issuance of passports at the embassy in Ottawa.

In this era of information at a click of a mouse, one wishes to get the latest and most relevant information. Our country and lives are driven around having the latest and greatest.

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We like for things to be new, refreshing and up to date. If this is how our culture is driven, why should your website be out of date and stale?

For almost a year now, a public notice placed on the embassy’s website reads as follows;

‘Following numerous challenges faced by users from overseas (Diaspora) passport applicants, while using the newly introduced online application through the e-Citizen portal, the government has suspended the service temporarily to allow for corrective measures to be put in place. Applicants are therefore advised to revert to the previous application system (manual) until further notice.

Further, all passport applicants from overseas including those who applied online will be issued with the old type passport. We will keep updating you on this process whenever there is any development.’

The embassy further advises that it is not able to issue a 48 or 64-page passport. The embassy has not updated any information with regards to the new requirement for Kenyan citizens to replace their passports by August 2019.

A spot check on the Kenyan embassy websites in London reveals an up to date information. The embassy acknowledges that the government is now implementing a new e-Passport issuing system (from 1st September 2017) as per International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

Both the Kenyan embassies in Washington DC and London advice Kenyans in those countries that passports are currently done in Nairobi.

The embassy in Vienna has an online notice indicating that applications for e-passports are suspended with further notice owing to technical problems.

However, the Kenyan Embassy Website in Australia is the worst of all. It is unappealing and seems to have been neglected far too long. Going by the copyright given, the site was created in 2014 and seems no one is bothered to update it.

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