Shame: Kenya poor performance at the World Travel Market in London

Since 1985, Kenya has every year been show casing it’s self as a tourist destination at the World Travel Market in London United Kingdom. That was not the case this year as Kenya appears to have withdrawn from the show with no notice or consultation with stakeholders.

Tanzania stand (left) dominated in the East African Region while Kenya stand (right)

was hardly seen.

 Kenya stand (right) was hardly seen,it was organised by individual groups

The London World Travel market show is attended by the global market and has played as a platform to market Kenyan tourism. Indeed the UK market has for years been a big market for Kenya.

Rwanda and Uganda Stand could be seen from far and wide

In addition Kenya being the leading country in the region, joined hands with the East African Partners with the aim of marketing the region as a tourist destination. In the last few years, the region has been showcasing itself as a single destination with a single tourist visa. The EAC countries did not miss the show. With the maiden flight to New York, charter flights from Europe it was indeed hoped to have been a big day for Kenya to showcase itself. That was not to be the case.

All that effort by the EAC and the UK market seems to have been wasted. It was such a great shame for the Kenya stand to be non existence. The absence of Kenya from the travel market cast doubts to the numerous guests who frequented the show to experience Kenya in advance. Only a handful of independent tour operators and players in the industry managed to attend the event on individual capacity.

Ethiopia Stand (left) and Sudan stands were quite good for the first timers at the exhibition

As a tourist destination and with such a big market at play someone must have slept on their job or is out to wreck the reputation of Kenya as a destination. It was indeed the talk of the show and the same need to be addressed with those who played a role be brought to hook.

Hoping the strong image of Kenya at the world travel market will be reignited in the future exhibitions.

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