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Diaspora Stories: Drama Of A Diaspora Kenyan After success

 A person has been working for $15/hr while going to college. He lives in an apartment with his wife who is a caregiver and 2 kids. After graduation with a masters degree, he gets a job with corporate America. Then this happens;
1. Wife quits her job to go to college.
2. They take a mortgage in West Cobb, GA worth $400k
3.  Off to rooms to for all the furniture( he is given 2 years Grace period)
4. Off to BMW  for an SUV for his wife. Car note.
5. Next stop is to Toyota. Another car note for a high rider.
6. Auto insurance doubles.
7. Time for designer clothes. No more Ross shop  for less.
8. Gets 5 credit cards and 2 from mall stores.
9.  Yearly vacation with family.
10. Trips to motherland become frequent. Credit cards come handy for 9 and 10. A live in nanny is hired to take care of kids while madam spends time in class and library.
11. Elected church leader. He has to lead by example by paying tithes and offering.
12. He insures the whole family save for the house cat and dog.
13. Health insurance for the family plus the pets.
14. Grocery shopping moves from Wal-Mart to publix. Yes. At publix you get hot bread.
15. The grass, blowing and slabs are done by a company.
16. His phone and for the first lady are changed to the latest iPhone.
17. He remembers he was raised and educated in Catholic schools. He pulls his now 3 kids from public school to a private Christian school @5K per semester.
18. He used to drink margarita. Now he stocks Jameson Irish Whiskey and brandy wine in the house. There is also  the best wine for him and madam. Yes, doctors say wine helps digestion he says.
19. He used to clean his cars  but now he drops it at the car wash and calls an Uber to the office.
20. His  house is where  majority immigrants live. He decides to move to a “safer, quieter place”. Yes, he becomes a private person so he does not want all those Kenyans poking noses to his affairs. In fact he even changes from the Kenyan church to a muzungu church. According to him, Sunday school is better there for his jewel,  the only girl they have named after his mother although her  first name is Natasha.
Phew! Add yours.
Fellow Kenyans, this guy is poorer than when he started life in  this country. Marriage is on the rocks. Wife says he has become very sensitive. That is the onset of depression.


By Madame Christine Muchene

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  1. Wamucene ahana o Muceneneko. Is she trying to say people should not upgrade their life? As someone says, mind your own business. People have marriage issues with or without money. How did she get so deep into investing in someone else personal life?


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