To understand Jamuhuri day you must first know it’s origin

To understand Jamuhuri day

To understand Jamuhuri day we must first know it’s origins. Year, 1895. Kenya was seized as  East Africa protectorate of Britain. Mzee Kenyatta was only 4 years old then as he was born in 1891.

Kenyans lost the fertile White Highlands and were made to serve the whites as subjects (servants/slaves). Mau mau, a meaningless label, was placed on freedom fighters and the kapenguria six were jailed.

In June 1963 Kenya got its independence and Kenyatta was made PM. Later that December 12th we got full independence and Kenyatta as the President. A year later we became a Republic and a member of the common wealth countries. “Jamuhuri” means “Republic”.

My message today is that when we steal from our own government we are telling colonialism that we can’t rule ourselves as mau mau demanded.

When we lie to the electorate in campaigns and do not fulfill our promises we are proving to colonists that we can not manage ourselves well.

When we exercise democracy to abuse the system we are not making our freedom fighters proud.

So I am telling this generation, just like the mau mau generation believed in itself and fought for our independence we can take responsibility to work and elect generational leaders who serve our cause.

Uhuru Kenyatta is a great example. He has chosen to fight corruption even if it means making a few enemies. That’s the spirit. Let’s make our forefathers proud and prove their work was worthwhile. 

May God bless you.May God bless the great Republic of Kenya.


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