I never trust anything coming from a man if I don’t sweat for it – Akothee


I never trust anything coming from a man: In recent days there has been talk about how relationships have become toxic and the parties involved often resorting to violence when their expectations are not met.

Kenyan artiste Akothee has also weighed in on the matter and urged ladies to work hard and build their own ‘empires’ no matter how small they are.

Through an Instagram post, Akothee advised ladies to work hard since break-ups are often messy.

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“Even when you date a rich man if you break up they would like to bring you back to where they found you, including selling everything they’ve ever bought for you.

“I have never trusted anything coming from a man if I don’t sweat for it, that’s why I am never comfortable in a house that a man already built in my absence. I am too suspicious, and always afraid of being kicked out,” she said.

trust anything coming from a man

Adding,” Nothing comes for free from a man. It can get very messy…”

She advised ladies to be independent so as to have a fallback plan when things go south.

“If you are dating or a housewife, try to get your own money however small, support your husband so they don’t feel like they own your life.

“Be independent in your own way, even if you can afford just to buy skuma (kales) and eggs,” she opined.


Source The Standard Newspaper

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