Immigrants Love for America: Can you blame them for wanting a better life?


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Immigrants Love for America: Immigrants Want America, Immigrants Ask for America. So it’s not what America want…When I was a newly arrived immigrant many years ago, if I had problems here, those who didn’t want me to stay or didn’t want to help, including my dear fellow Kenyans who were doing better, gave me one simple answer. Go Back home. As if going back home would solve all my problems.

I was married and had two children. One born in Kenya and one born in the USA. My reply was I will decide that for myself the same way I decided to come here. I didn’t like the idea of being forced to return home because of problems. In addition, I didn’t want to be separated again from my husband. In any case, How about if I returned home and encountered similar problems? Would I look for a solution or would I look for a way back to US? In that case, I decided that the problems I was experiencing in US were better solved right here in the USA.

I see people doing that today. Telling refugees to go back to where they came from. When that times come, as they always do people can’t always return home.  Can we look for a solution, I ask.

That time I was young and quite realistic. Also I loved freedom in USA…the freedom of just Being ME. That simple determination and boldness has kept me here. You TOO are not where you want to be. Rather, you are here, because this is where you believe you should be in the United States. There must be a reason why immigrants believe they can realize their dreams in the USA Honestly, this is a good country. I don’t blame those who want to come to these good USA. Now think about a refugee not deciding to immigrate, but being forced by circumstances to seek for refuge just to survive…live to see The next day. Even of it is due to famine and drought. That’s a legitimate reason to move, or because of political issues or perhaps intense family conflict. The faith to preserve life is honorable. People immigrate for different reasons. Can anyone blame an immigrant for wanting a better life?

As a result Immigrants don’t just go where they are wanted,  where they are waited for or where they are celebrated. They defy elude, escape, resist and defeat all odds. Given the right circumstances they will try again and again until they accomplish their life goals. They don’t easily give up. Usually immigrants are totally persuaded that what they believe and what they want to achieve is actually in the realm of possibility within the boundaries of USA. They see a glass as half full not as half empty.

Such faith will triumph over All these current immigration issues in US.  I want to encourage immigrants to walk by faith and not to be afraid. Yeap. Immigrants go where they BELIEVE they have a chance of improving their lives. If  you ask me, I will say immigrants are very smart people. They are determined. They are persistent and consistent. They are relentless in their pursuit of the American Dream. The majority of immigrants are the best from each country. They are visionaries and they are missionaries. They are Dreamers. Friends, Its really hard to kill a DREAM. Especially when the carriers of that dream are a people who believe in divine destiny.

God bless Immigrants and God Bless the USA.

Informed Immigrant. Not Afraid✝



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  1. James says

    That is true. Well written.

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