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Sabina Chege Comes Clean on Relationship With John DeMathew

Sabina Chege Comes Clean on Relationship With John DeMathew: Murang’a Woman Representative, Sabina Wanjiru Chege, on Friday, came clean about her relationship with the late benga Musician John Ng’ang’a alias DeMathew.

Sabina, who was speaking to Njogu wa Njoroge during the Kameme TV’s morning show, Rikiratha (Sunrise),  admitted being the person whom DeMathew sang about most.

The county MP further told the host that he was second from her, in terms of the number of mentions in the late music maestro’s songs.

​ A screen grab of the song Njata Yakwa featuring DeMathew and Sabina Chege ​
​ A screen grab of the song Njata Yakwa featuring DeMathew and Sabina Chege ​

She then went on to address the reports that she and the musician had a fling, by quoting one of his songs..

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“The crowd doesn’t attack he that goes to their homes, you cant understand their issues Njogu wa Nyawira, the laughs you have with them aren’t genuine. If they crucified Jesus then leave them alone,” she sang a line of the song.

She stated that people had a right to talk but it wasn’t necessary for her to listen to them.

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It is at this point that she revealed that she considered DeMathew as her elder brother while narrating how they met in the music industry.

“John (DeMathew) and I met in the music industry when I was a radio presenter and I saw his talent,” the legislator spoke.

Sabina further disclosed how she questioned him about his struggling financial status, despite having produced so many songs.

After his confession on the exploitation by the music producers, Sabina introduced DeMathew to the video world and helped him become the first-ever Kikuyu musician to produce a music video CD.

The politician further divulged that she was the brains behind the script written for the song Njata Yakwa (My Star) that she also starred in as a vixen.

After the massive success that the video enjoyed, they became close friends and it was then that was rumours of them being together started.

The MP revealed that even after John married a woman named Sabina Wairimu, their friendship still shone and she accompanied the late musician to the hospital to pick his wife after the birth of their first child.

Kameme TV presenter Sabina Chege, Murang'a woman Rep Sabina Chege and Musician Peter Kigia wa Esther during the morning interview
Kameme TV presenter Njogu wa Njoroge, Murang’a woman Rep Sabina Chege and Musician Peter Kigia wa Esther during the morning interview


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