VIDEO: Jimmy Gait reveals what Indian doctors said about his condition


VIDEO: Jimmy Gait reveals what Indian doctors said about his condition: Kenyan Gospel singer James Ngaita aka Jimmy Gait on Monday revealed what doctors in India told him after conducting numerous tests.

Through his YouTube channel, the artiste stated that after undergoing tests, doctors told him that he does not need surgery.

Further, the medics told him that had he gone ahead with the surgery, his voice would have permanently changed.

The singer then went ahead to share a clip of a doctor describing his problem and one Dr Sanjay Khanna stated that the pain Ngaita was experiencing in his throat was actually as a result of increased acid production inside the stomach.

Dr Khanna added that the singer had already started treatment and hopefully will recover fully.

He further asked doctors all over the world to seek alternative treatment plans whenever their patients failed to show signs of recovery, putting emphasis on thorough tests to ensure they are treating the right thing.

Jimmy Gait was critical of Kenyan doctors whom he accused of misdiagnosing him.

He also stated that some of them seemed to focus too much on making money from their patients.

“If they went ahead with the surgery, the problem would not have been solved…they even told me that it would have graduated to stomach cancer.

“I am shocked that a doctor would rather make money from me than give me proper treatment,” he remarked.

The artiste thanked the nation for prayers saying God had turned around his situation. Here is

the video:


Source The Standard Newspaper

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