New details: Cohen’s Wife Exposes Secret WhatsApp Messages With His Siblings


New details have emerged over conversations that Sarah Wairimu, the wife of slain businessman Tob Cohen, had with his siblings on separate occasions.

In a post on her website, Wairimu divulged that she had exchanged WhatsApp messages with Cohen’s brother (Bernard) and sister (Gabrielle) expressing concern over his mental state.

Wairimu had communicated that she had been worried about Cohen’s mental health describing him as an ‘excitable, and perhaps slightly erratic individual.’

The murdered Dutch citizen Tob Cohen's Sister Gabrielle, brother in-Law Roy Strathen
New details: Cohen’s Wife Exposes Secret WhatsApp Messages With His Siblings
The murdered Dutch citizen Tob Cohen’s Sister Gabrielle, brother in-Law Roy Strathen with DCI Kinoti. Tob’s body was recovered from a septic tank in his Kitusuru home, Nairobi on Friday, September 13.

She referenced a scenario during their daughter’s wedding where they had an altercation that made things quite uncomfortable for their guests.

She alleged that she had on several occasions reached out to Cohen’s siblings about his behaviour of which she noted didn’t result in much assistance.

In an instance where she was communicating with Bernard (Tob’s brother), Wairimu highlighted a certain incident where she claimed that cohen had gone berserk, destroyed property and had one worker arrested.

Replying to her text, Bernard wrote, “We want you to know that we support you unconditionally, even though we know that there is effectively very little we can actually do,” in a message dated December 24, 2018.

In another message, Tob’s sister, Gabrielle is alleged to express her worry for Tob adding, “Do what you think is right to do. No permission from me needed. But always ready to listen.”

Concluding her post, Wairimu stated that she was disappointed that Gabrielle was not truthful with her narration that she (Wairimu) was a burden to Tob and not the other way round.

“As you can see from these incidents, and from so many other incidents over the years, Tob has always had issues of aggression, abusive language and drug and alcohol abuse. My personal experience with the man has shown me that Tob is a perfect candidate for depression, bipolar disorder, or some mild form of schizophrenia,” Wairimu conveyed.

Here are the screenshots of the conversations shared by Wairimu:

Wairimu’s alleged conversation with Tob’s brother Bernard Cohen.
Wairimu’s alleged conversation with Tob’s sister Gabrielle.

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