VIDEO: Pastor Ng’ang’a at it again, confronts the ‘Devil from Gatundu’


VIDEO: Pastor Ng’ang’a at it again, confronts the ‘Devil from Gatundu.  Neno Evangelism Centre founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a is no stranger to controversy and on Tuesday a video of him coming face to face with a woman who claimed to be possessed went viral.

In the video, the woman claims to be the ‘Devil from Gatundu’ and goes ahead to showcase a number of signs she alleges to be of the devil.

She further states that she is behind numerous deaths in the area and has been a resident for close to 100 years.

In the video, Pastor Ng’ang’a questions the lady as she moves around, much to the amazement of his congregants.

The lady adds that the spirits also use HIV/AIDS to take the lives of people.

Later the evangelist seems to cast out the demons and the lady is quickly back to her senses.

She reveals her identity and says she is a resident of Mai Mahiu where she sings for a living.

In September, a video of the preacher casting out demons went viral and was even shared by American rapper Snoop Dogg.

The rapper captioned it: “When u late on the offering money. The. Rev need his”.

In the video, Ng’ang’a is seen slapping members of his congregation in the name of casting out demons.

The preacher starts by slapping a young boy a couple of times before ‘spreading his anointing’ to the rest who are eagerly waiting for the ‘miraculous touch.’

Snoop’s post attracted a number of angry reactions as most of the rapper’s followers bashed the congregants for being gullible.

The rapper later deleted the video from his account.


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