Sacrificing motherhood: Kansiime says she did not sell uterus for fame


Sacrificing motherhood: Kansiime Anne says she did not sell uterus for fame

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime has opened up on receiving disturbing comments online.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, the 32-year-old Ugandan entertainer confessed that people outrightly accused her of sacrificing her chance at motherhood for fame.

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“Some people were trying to figure out why I did not have kids with my ex-husband Gerald Ojok,” she said.

“So, they said that I had sold my uterus for fame. The sad thing is even if it’s not true, there is no way you can be able to show people that your uterus is still intact,” she added.

Known to joke in almost every situation, Kansiime did not disappoint even while opening up on such mean comments and how she feels about them. She sarcastically added that if she had sold her uterus, she would have no qualms directing others to where she did the ‘transaction’.

“I can direct people who have a uterus and feel like they want to sell it for fame, to where they said I sold mine,” she added.

Paying her bride price

Kansiime was on the spotlight last year after she disclosed that she ended up paying her bride price when she was married to Ojok. The comedienne said she did it to make it easy for him to marry her.

“I accused someone of marrying me long enough for the whole world to believe it and him to believe it and I also believed it. Later when I realized that when you are married, it is when a man wakes up on his two feet, pays your bride price, takes you to church and then marries you; none of that had happened,” she said.

Kansiime and Ojok during happier times.

However, she was quick to point out that she was just in love and wanted to make her ex-husband happy.

“And you know when you love someone, all you want to do is make them able to pay for you, able to afford you as far as dowry is concerned,” she said.

Shortly after their breakup, Kansiime and Ojok had a bitter public spat.

It was rumored that finances played a key role in their fallout. There were also claims that Kansiime’s inability to have a child during the four years they were married was a major cause of their split, because of pressure from Ojok’s family to have babies.

Nevertheless, after her breakup with Ojok, Kansime hooked up with rapper Sky Lanta.

Kansiime and Sky Lanta.

After being mocked for his looks, Skylanta urged trolls to focus on getting themselves out of poverty instead of tormenting him.

“I have seen many people troll me on Facebook saying I look like Scooby-doo (that actually caught me off guard), saying am way too small (I don’t have the size of a real man) whatever that means! And many other random insults from a few rotten apples (just like how my teacher Nyeko Makmot used to refer to heeiiraazz),” he shared.


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Sacrificing motherhood: Kansiime says she did not sell uterus for fame

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