Kenyan Musician Akothee explains why she serves her young girls alcohol


Kenyan Musician Akothee explains why she serves her young girls alcohol
It would be justified to say Kenyan boss lady, Akothee has experienced both sides of the spectrum when it comes to a hard-knocking and a luxury life.

She has borne children, been sent out to the streets, done odd jobs to fend for them, boarded several planes to fight for custody rights and today, she looks back and is proud that she did it all.

Download More MusicToday, Akothee stands as one of the few well-paid Kenyan musicians and celebrities, having established her brand both in the business world and in the music industry.

Born, Esther Akoth has rubbed shoulders with the who and the who´s of this world. Traveled across the globe, lived in some of the most high-end places in the country and still affords to stretch out a helping hand to the most vulnerable in society.

She is a woman who has given a voice to the voiceless and hope to the dying.

Well, having probably seen it all, the 40-year old businesswoman is now inculcating the same into her children – especially her three daughters.

Akothee with daughters (right) and her friend Judith (extreme left) enjoying drinks

The mother of 5 has previously warned her girls against sleeping around with all sorts of men, only to come home with a bulging belly.

She has inculcated modesty, virtues and discipline in her children – unlike what many would expect of most rich kids around.

Akothee has previously been spotted tossing to some wine and alcohol together with her daughters, with many wondering what value this adds to her children´s lives.

Akothee with her daughters

The ´why´

A question she has proudly come out to answer, stating she is not about to see her daughters fall into the traps of many men out here who bait young girls with exotic drinks.

If anything, she rather offer her three girls the drinks, so that it does not sound new or special to them, in the event that a man tries to lure them into sexual intimacy through high-end drinks. She expressed:

I served alcohol to my own children, so that no man will dangle a bottle of champagne on their faces and make it look like a very special drink to make one lower their panties, me tgat used to drink mens beer and run away 🤣🤣🤣 let it be free will if they mess up ,its me 🤣🤣🤣

Akothee with daughters (right) and her friend Judith (extreme left) enjoying drinks

Her response might provoke a laugh but that is Akothee for you. She takes care of whatever she can and is privy to, to avoid seeing her own fall into similar traps.

Her sentiments left fans and followers cracking ribs, bemused by just how frank the Madam Boss is.

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