Raila may not be returning soon-Taking a break in line with doctor’s advice


Raila may not be returning soon-Taking a break in line with doctor’s advice

A trip to see recovering ODM leader Raila Odinga by two of his closest confidants has signalled the possibility the ex-Prime Minister could stay longer abroad.

Raila quietly flew out of the country on June 24 to Dubai where he underwent surgery to treat what the family termed a nerve disorder that had affected one of his legs.

However, on Thursday Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed jetted out of the country aboard a chartered plane to visit Raila.

“Off to Dubai with Hassan Joho to see Baba,” Junet tweeted.

Asked whether the ODM leader is returning home soon, Raila’s spokesperson Dennis Onyango said the ODM boss was taking a break in line with his doctor’s advice.

“I cannot say with certainty [when he is coming back]. I don’t want to speculate. He is resting. Both doctors and the family think he should take a break,”Onyango told the Star.

Last week, a sprightly Raila Odinga appeared in public via a video for the first time to allay fears that he was bedridden.

He confirmed that he had successful surgery and was on his way to recovery before flying back to the country to resume his normal duties, including political jigs.

“I am feeling good, great, very strong and rejuvenated. I am feeling great really to be out of hospital breathing fresh air. I will be doing my usual jigs very soon,” Raila said.

“I want to thank all my friends, supporters and all our youth who have sent me so many messages of goodwill. It has just been amazing and wonderful. It made me recover so fast.”

The Nasa leader announced he was as fit as a fiddle, although his stiff posture gave away the fact he was going through physiotherapy in Dubai.

Raila’s absence in the country is seen to be the reason the Building Bridges Initiative report has not been handed to President Uhuru Kenyatta weeks after the task force announced the report was ready.

Ten days ago, the BBI task force chaired by Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji announced it had completed writing the final report and was awaiting availability of President Uhuru Kenyatta to present it.

“The steering committee, since the date of the gazetting, has successfully conducted validation of the BBI Task Force Report through consultations with citizens, civil society, faith-based organisations, cultural leaders, private sector and experts,” the task force said.

In his absence, Raila’s troops in Parliament have engaged in an ugly spat with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee side.

The contention was the composition of key committees, with the Minority side flatly rejecting some of Uhuru’s members to the critical panels.

The two sides, however, reached an agreement this week after Jubilee agreed to drop a number of Tangatanga MPs from the two contested committees – Justice and Legal Affairs and Delegated Legislation.

Nerve disorders are associated with pain, tingling or numbness in the legs. They can be temporary, after sitting or standing for long, or can result from a pinched nerve.

Yet nerve problems can also be a warning sign of many serious medical conditions, and some may require surgery.

For people with peripheral neuropathy – nerve damage that affects your legs, feet, toes, hands and arms – this numbness and tingling does not go away easily.

Last month, Joho told Kenyans the ODM leader was progressing well after undergoing surgery.

“We continue to pray for him. I have no doubt that within the shortest time possible, Baba will be back in Kenya,” Joho said.

“Raila is solid, strong…we are solidly behind him, his agenda our agenda, what he identifies with is what we are moving with. He is doing extremely well and shall be back soon.”



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