ODM Begins Process of Expelling MP for Embracing Ruto

ODM Begins Process of Expelling MP for Embracing Ruto
ODM Begins Process of Expelling MP for Embracing Ruto: Oburu Odinga/File Photo

Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) began the process to ouster Bondo Member of Parliament (MP) Gideon Ochanda.

Speaking to the media on Monday, February 13, Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga announced that Ochanda had threatened the life of their party.

He further noted that although every member had the right to expression, Ochanda had used the wrong channels.

“This meeting was convened to discuss the conduct of our MP. His conduct has been unbecoming in the last few weeks, first, he made a statement that was clearly attacking the party and party policy that he thinks the line the party is taking is illegal.

There are ways of democracy and expressing opinions. He has the democratic right to express his views on any issue but has channels to make his complaints or issues with the party if he strongly disagrees with the party,” he announced.

Oburu noted that Ochanda’s actions weakened the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), which the party could no longer entertain.

“When he calls the press and starts expressing his views attacking the party, he is giving our enemy the power to fight the party. The current situation in our party is such that people who are cowards are moving out.

We are not threatened, we are not afraid. This happens in situations like these. After the election, some people think that we are not the so-called government, we are also part of the government as parliamentarians,” he added.

On January 15, Ochanda called on supporters of Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga to embrace President William Ruto.

Though being part of ODM, he urged Raila to accept that Ruto was the legitimate president elected by the people.

“I can confidently state that this far, Ruto is the president. We went to court, and it was not good, but the court made a verdict. The court validated the election of Ruto.

Once someone is inside, then that is the winner. He could enter through the space on the upper part of the wall, but once inside, then that is the man,” he uttered.



ODM Begins Process of Expelling MP for Embracing Ruto

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