KRA Deny harrasing US Couple With Ksh 300K Wedding Gown at JKIA

KRA Deny harrasing US Couple With Ksh 300K Wedding Gown at JKIA
KRA Deny harrasing US Couple With Ksh 300K Wedding Gown at JKIA

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has explained the intrigues behind the viral story, alleging that its officers harassed a US citizen and his bride who were set to wed in the country.

KRA, in a statement issued on Thursday, stated that the foreigner and the Kenyan woman arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) with a wedding dress valued at approximately Ksh302,200 (USD2,000), which exceeded the allowable limit of Ksh75,550 (USD500) for duty-free items.

The taxman claimed that it subjected the dress to relevant custom laws as required by the law and that the situation was contained after its officers explained the same to the woman and her fiance.

“We are pleased to inform you that the couple, upon understanding the tax requirements, paid the necessary taxes and complied with the regulations. We are grateful for their cooperation,” KRA stated.

KRA is responsible for implementing the East African Community Customs Management Act (EACCMA) and other relevant tax laws,” it further defended itself.

The taxman has recently intensified its efforts to collect revenue at JKIA and has been in the spotlight for enforcing tax on items exceeding Ksh75,550.

“As per the law, new items/goods up to the value of USD 500 for each traveller are exempted from import tax. We aim to uphold these regulations fairly and consistently for the benefit of our country and its citizens,” it explained.

Nonetheless, it condemned any form of mistreatment and urged travellers to report any cases of harassment either publicly or anonymously.

“We empathize with the frustration and inconveniences such situations may cause and reiterate that we do not condone any form of abuse or harassment by our officers.

Reports that circulated online claimed that the bride-to-be was ordered to open her suitcase and, after a search, was informed that her gown was of commercial value.

The tourist and the Kenyan woman were then asked to pay customs duty for the dress worth Ksh302,200 (USD2,000).

“They showed their passports and tickets that they were here for their wedding and would be flying back. They didn’t have the money and were forced to leave it behind. The couple has not slept and is highly traumatized by the terrible experience at the hands of our Customs.

“Why are we bothering in marketing Kenya as a wedding destination? The groom, who is caucasian, was not even asked to show his suit. The bride got the brunt of the harassment. We have totally lost it!” The whistleblower complained.




KRA Deny harrasing US Couple With Ksh 300K Wedding Gown at JKIA

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