Njoroge Ntimama Causes Drama at Ole Ntimama’s Burial

George Njoroge escorted by police officers out of William Ole Ntimama burial service at Motonyi village in Narok. (PHOTO: KIPSANG JOSEPH/ STANDARD)

A 60-year-old man claiming to be the son of former Cabinet Minister William ole Ntimama on Wednesday caused a dramatic scene at his his father’s burial venue in Narok County.

George Njoroge Ntimama was first denied access to the funeral mass, but he persisted and gained entry into the venue.

However, Njoroge was later ejected from the funeral mass by the security detail and Maasais at the event.

Njoroge had complained of being barred from sitting at the family tent during the burial held at the late Ntimama’s residence in Motonyi.

Earlier on Tuesday, Njoroge vowed to attend the burial at all cost, even if it meant being killed.

“Tomorrow I will seat at the family chairs if they want to kill me let them kill me. I will then head to Narok for the burial,” Njoroge confirmed.

Njoroge has been on the headlines since last week when he moved to the High Court to block the burial until he was able to get a tissue specimen from the deceased’s body to prove Ntimama was his father

In his suit, Njoroge said that the deceased politician fathered him in 1956 but later dumped his mother shortly after his birth.

Meanwhile, the body of the late veteran politician arrived in Narok at 9am amid tight security.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga led other dignitaries in the final send-off of William ole Ntimama.

Hundreds of Maasai mourners turned up for the burial donned in red shukas as a sign of respect for the late maasailand political kingpin.


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