Kenyan boy gets new lease of life in India


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Michael, 14, a resident of Kenya, says he got a new lease of life in Ahmedabad after he was successfully operated upon at HCG Medi-Surge for ballooning of aorta, the largest artery in the body, on June 24. Michael had been suffering from this disease, medically known as Juxtarenal Aortic Aneurysm, since the past two years.

However, owing to financial constrains of his family, he could not afford the treatment in his country. Then the help came from a group of Kutchi Leuva Patels settled in Kenya, who sent him to HCG Medi-Surge in Ahmedabad.

"He came to the city in June with his mother and underwent the treatment immediately. After a number of tests and diagnosis, he was operated upon on June 24. The surgery took eight hours where a team of doctors was deployed to ensure the success of the operation. The disease is rare in teens and thus, the chances of death on operation table were as high as 30 to 40%," said Dr Bhupesh Shah of the hospital.

The aorta was then clamped within 40 minutes of successful surgery so as to prevent future malfunction of internal organs such as kidneys and liver. The officials at the hospital said the teen was showing good recovery post operation. Dr Bharat Gadhavi, chief executive officer of the hospital, said that with the medical expertise available today in Ahmedabad, the city is rapidly emerging as a hub for medical tourism.




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