21-Year Old JKUAT Student Earns a Job With Twitter as a Senior Software Engineer .


For some people, working for twitter is a dream job, not because they get to tweet all day, but because they eat and sleep technology. For the 21 year old Imani Maroria, it is a job he already has. Word is that the multi-million social media company, Twitter has its eyes on the JKUAT Information Technology student.


The limelight on him for his knack in technology earned him a job with the San-Francisco based company. He will be working with Twitter as a Senior Software Engineer.

Marora’s agility for computers started at early ages, developing softwares that would surprise teachers and friends. It is in JKUAT where this knack was well honed. He has so far been active in developing a number of computer software applications like Voters Bank- a social media website that promotes political democracy in Kenya. It allows political aspirants to interact with voters.

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Seems like we are just about to produce our own Mark Zuckerberg. Way to go Imani!

Source- http://vibeweekly.com/home/news/1851-21-year-old-jkuat-student-earns-a-job-with-twitter-as-a-senior-software-engineer.html


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