Furious Education Chief Mutula Kilonzo Tells Bishops To Keep Their Nuns And Let Him Keep His School Girls


JACKAL NEWS – Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo, who wants school girls to wear miniskirts, says he has no apologies to make over his recent statement in support of school girls agitating for modern school uniforms. Speaking on Capital FM’s current affairs talk show, Talk360, Kilonzo said church leaders who had demanded an apology from him misunderstood him on the issue and that he will never apologize for his statement.

The minister said he was surprised that his sentiments had drawn so much heat saying that he only meant that the schoolgirls should be allowed to wear skirts that are “slightly below the knee or at the knee length.”

“Tell the bishops I have no apologies to make, because I love nuns and their uniforms but they are not my objective in education,” he said; a devastating statement that is expected to infuriate the men of the cloth who are regarded as the guardian of morality in the country.

The education minister explained: “That’s why I said we are not producing nuns because they are produced by the church. For purposes of education I am looking at Vision 2030… I am looking at economic development, I am looking for girls who when they are in class, they feel like they are girls; feel like they are smart, which make them confident and this makes learning even much easier.”







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