Christ is not a witch Doctor and priesthood of believers is not witchcraft


Christ is not a witch Doctor and priesthood of believers is not witchcraft

Christ is not a witch Doctor and priesthood of believers is not witchcraftDemon possession and casting out demons have become more than a spiritual exercise in Kenya. Healing, speaking in tongues and the gifts of the spirit as spiritual exercises have in the past been reserved as the most sacred acts which can only be entered through faith.

However in modern day Kenya, the realm of the spirit has become a darkened prospect with the extension of the Pentecostal movement into communities of faith. It was common principle among denominations that those who sought to be ministers of the Gospel of Christ were to be men who had gone through a transformation as believers in Christ, then have undergone the process of vetting under the observation of “good” men who had matured in faith and Word and thus qualified to become overseers with judgment consistent with the true gospel. Thus those who were pastors, teachers, and elders were those of whom The Apostle Paul says, “And the things which thou hast heard from me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also”, 2 Timothy 2:2

The original idea was that no one who was not taught within a programmed discipline was to be a teacher or elder within the community of faith. Qualification was not to be by “spiritual” means, meaning those who claim that they do not have to go to Bible College or seminary to be taught: Those who have argued that with the advent of the Holy Spirit and the statement of Christ to His disciples that “The Spirit shall teach you all things”, they did not need to go to any organized schooling to be pastors and teachers:  St Paul directed that any person who was taking authority of scripture and teaching others, must himself be taught. The purpose was to protect the inspired biblical revelation from being mutilated by those who thought they knew but did not know what they thought they knew!

In recent days, in many nations but especially in Kenya, anybody can claim to be an apostle, scream and shout their way into recognition, become popular with the idlers and then convince them that he can rescue them from misery. They, having gone through suffering and misery, having been victims of the Kenyan economic and social degradation, take advantage of their experience and congregate enough victims to offer comfort.  And because they know that Kenyans, especially women are always in need of some miracle: to rescue them from the man they married, or the abortion they did, or the job they lost or the child they have or the father they hate or the other psychological problems, they get a large  following. Given that Kenyans are religiously inclined, they “plant” a church and advertise that they have been to the New Jerusalem and back. They claim that they have heard a voice and that they have been appointed to solve the human suffering of their followers.

These “men of God” take the Bible and having no knowledge, or not even caring about the Divine Imperative present in its Words, use the Bible like a “rungu” to beat guilt into the wounded psych of the idlers until they convince them to part with the 100 shillings they make from breaking their backs in Industrial area. These men of “god” cast out demons every Sunday, re-circulating these forces among the “faithful” not wanting them to leave rest they lose the offering. They treat the Cross of Christ as witch craft denying its power, and taint the Historical process of divine grace and mercy where the sinner comes to be saved, from sin, to receive a spiritual salvation, being restored back to a personal relationship with the creator through His Son Jesus Christ.

Christ is not a witch Doctor and Paul’s established priesthood of believers is not witchcraft; rather it is the power of God for salvation. Any blessing received by the believer is not a manifestation of this grace; rather, it is the privilege for the true believer. We do not come to Christ to get rich, famous, healed from our social ills or even to erase our life long mistakes. We come to Christ to be reconciled to God. This spiritual reconciliation does not guarantee peace on earth, through wealth, health, or good relationships. The believer is still under the curse of the earth and must experience the natural consequences. Genesis 3:18 “. . . thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field”. And the pain in childbirth still remains. From dust we came and unto dust we shall return.

We who have studied Scripture, under the umbrella of faithful men cannot sit and watch as the devil continues to present himself as the angel of light: As the savior of man’s physical ills.

Matthew 24:24 “For there shall arise false Christ, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”

Hebrews 13:9 “Be not carried away by divers and strange teachings: for it is good that the heart be established by grace; not by meats, wherein they that occupied themselves were not profited”.

The Bible provides guidance for those who seek Christ. But for those who seek quick fixes, easy prey for the false prophets.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau, PhD/SYR/Radio/TV/ Director: International Desk. Diaspora messenger contributor


Christ is not a witch Doctor and priesthood of believers is not witchcraft

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