Does Apostle Nganga Really Cast Out Demons or Is It Just a Show?

Does Apostle Nganga Really Cast Out Demons or Is It Just a Show?
Dr. Teddy Kamau

Does Apostle Nganga Really Cast Out Demons or Is It Just a Show? Have you ever wondered who these people are that have demons removed from them in certain churches? Recently Apostle Nganga was seen casting out demons from a Rastafarian fellow. Some expressed concerns that the event showed him almost choking the poor fellow. But is demon possession real? Who can be possessed and can a priest, pastor, apostle or a bishop, free a person from the demons? Who has the power to cast out demons?

To understand this mysterious subject, one must turn to nature and the biblical history. Within nature, we Kenyans come from cultures that believed in the mystery of demons and their activities on earth. My grandfather, 1875-1986, was one of the first Kikuyus to bury the dead in the modern way. Within the Kikuyu culture after an individual was seen to be fatally ill, they were cast out into the forest to avoid what the Kikuyu’s called ‘thahu’ (anathema). However, when my grandfather’s father died he went to his village Gachika Karigoine. Word went out that he was digging a hole to bury his father. The whole village came to witness what they called “Murogi mweru” (a modern witchdoctor) who was going to touch a corpse. They waited for him to die from the curse. When he did not die, many of them called him a prophet and became believers in Jesus Christ.

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During my seminary years in Kenya, a Luhya friend, a fellow seminarian, invited me to his home. One of his relatives had died. During the funeral, though he was a Christian, he shaved his head and participated in the cleansing that his tribesmen practiced. We all know that even today Christians in Kenya seek the witches. Witchcraft, witchdoctors, and witches have been part of African culture. Therefore, we can with authenticity claim that African cultures believed in the existence of another world that was accessed by only a few people—witchdoctors and witches.

The Bible proposes that there is outside of our human existence, time and space, another world. Genesis 1 introduces humanity to this world. God does not warn Adam and Eve about the existence of this other—spiritual—world, but he punishes them when the leader of the world approaches them and diverts them from their creator. It is here that we base our understanding of this other world. In the book of 2nd Samuel in the 28th Chapter Israel’s first king, Saul, consults a witch of Endor against what God had told His people to do. However, Saul decided to consult the witch because he wanted to contact the spirit of Samuel who had died. The book of Job also brings to light that Satan has a Kingdom of His own and he has access to the throne of God as a Diplomat of a peculiar world where he has un-limited access to the earth and the Kingdom of man.

But it is in the New Testament that this world of demons and souls is revealed to humanity. Christ Jesus in several occasions confirms through His ministry that demons do exist and that they have the ability to possess humanity. He cursed several of them and in every case ordered them to possess something else. (See Matthew 8:28-34.) The reason why demons begged Jesus to cast them into pigs is because they cannot dwell on earth like men. They are spirits whose existence is created for their own habitat in another dimension. But apparently, they have been given authority to possess matter and humanity.

It is therefore true that demon exist and that they dwell in a sphere of their own, different from the earth. It is also true, according to Scripture that these demons are led by Satan, and have access to the earth. St Paul argues that they are responsible for evil on earth. St. Paul reveals that within this realm are principalities and powers and dominions, declaring that the believer in Jesus Christ is fighting against these.

Given this therefore, we can conclude that demons and Satan work together, that their intentions is as the beginning to fight against that which God had created. Therefore, humanity does encounter these forces of evil. However, the Bible does provide a distinction when it comes to a believer in Christ Jesus. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

When a person accepts Christ as Savior and Lord, the Spirit of God dwells in that person permanently. Also the angels of God are dispersed to serve that believer. “For who are angels but ministering spirits sent to minister to those who will inherit salvation.” Hebrews1:14. Therefore, the Bible, though leaving the possibility of believers being influenced by evil externally, closes the doors for demons to possess believers.

The indwelling and sealing of the Holy Spirit and the providence of angelic assistance do not protect the nonbeliever. The Bible also states that certain believers can cast out demons. As to whom Apostle Nganga and others are delivering, that is another story altogether.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HT Bluff Associates


Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist


Does Apostle Nganga Really Cast Out Demons or Is It Just a Show?

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