Really? Classic FM’s Ciku Muiruri is a second wife


Really? Classic FM’s Ciku Muiruri is a second wife

Ciku MuiruriReally? Classic FM’s Ciku Muiruri is a second wife: Tuesday, the 6th of November 2012 – Following the hullaballoo that erupted last Sunday after former Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi dropped the bombshell that she is the second wife of Garsen MP Danson Mungatana, Ciku Muiruri, host of Classic FM’s Overdrive Show and sworn enemy of the unfaithful, has taken to Facebook to confess that she too is a second wife.

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Ciku posted;


“Following in the footsteps of Linda Muthama and Cecelia (jiggers) Mungatana, I have decided to also confess. I am also a second wife (shhhh!).”


Probably as a ploy for sympathy given the eager tigers on social media who would not hesitate to tear her apart for ‘breaking up a home’, Ciku added that the man ‘loves both his families and doesn’t neglect them. His first wife and I are more or less best friends.”


So truth or just another case of ‘there-is-no-such-thing-as-bad-publicity’?


Well a useful hint here is that Ciku herself wants people to guess who the man is (Cecilia Mwangi certainly wasn’t so eager!). She ended her Facebook post with the question; “Any idea who he is?”





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