Shocking Revelation:Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali quits NTV after 3 months

Shocking Revelation:Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali quits NTV after 3 months

Shocking Revelation:Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali quits NTV after 3 months Tuesday, the 6th of November 2012 – If you haven’t heard yet, award winning investigative reporter Mohammed Ali has quit NTV. Moha, as he is fondly known, is famous for doing explosive exposé pieces that have left more than a few influential politicians, police bosses and businessmen with egg on their faces.


Moha has quit NTV after working for the television arm of the Nation Media Group (NMG) for less than four months. He reportedly handed in his resignation letter yesterday and left in a huff. He had given NTV no notice of his desire to quit so KTN has been forced to foot the bill for the breach of contract.


NTV reportedly lured him over from KTN with promises of more cash and an opportunity to work together with John Allan Namu again. Moha’s decision to quit NTV after just 3 months has left many puzzled. What pushed him away from a station that from all appearances is one of the best employers to work for in Kenya’s notoriously unforgiving media environment?


Well our sources at NTV say the answer is pretty simple – the station has no problem with truth as long as it does not touch its ‘friends’. Moha apparently got to learn this first hand when he dug up some not so flattering info on the politicians who are embroiled in murky land deals at the Coast.


The NTV source said that Moha and John Allan Namu tried to have their way at NTV but were rebuffed. Most of the damning material that they dug up on the dirty land deals at the Coast reportedly ended up on the editorial floor after the powers that be at NTV interfered. According to the source, a piece that was supposed to run for 60 minutes ended up being just 32 minutes long after the unflattering commentary was cut.


Given how he was used to producing whatever pieces he wanted at KTN, Moha couldn’t stand the censorship at NTV and decided to quit. John Allan Namu is said to be similarly unhappy but for the moment has decided to stay put.


These developments beg the question: who is NTV protecting? What the DAILY POST can assure you is that we will have the names very soon and we will release them with pleasure.


Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST


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