When Suzanna Owiyo Met Barack Obama and Oprah

Suzanna Owiyo has performed at the Nelson Mandela concert in the High Court in London, and Mandela celebrating his 90th birthday. With that under her belt, Suzanna went on to meet the who’s who in society. From music moguls like Russel Simons, to actors like Morgan Freeman, to diplomats like Nicholas Sarkozy. But Suzanna shared her highlight of all these meetings, saying,

“There was two incidents: One when I met Obama for the first time, as a Senator. He came to Kenya in 2006 if I’m not wrong, and the ambassador(Ranneberger) introduced me to him as one of the female singers we have in Kenya.” Obama asked, “where are your tools?” and she had two albums in her hand, and she gave one to him.

“The second person was Oprah. When I met Oprah for the first time, What struck her was my skin. She was like, ‘oh my God, black chocolate!’ and I was like, ‘excuse me?’ And this is a woman who, if she can tell me that…” then Suzanna kinda faded into thought after that.

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