Foreign Nations hiding looted money-Worst Crime Against Humanity

Millions of children and their mothers have died and continue to die in Africa. Who is killing them? The foreign Nations hiding trillions of dollars of the stolen money or the corrupt leaders who are looting public funds? The late Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu   Minyar  al – Gaddafi had stolen and hidden 30 billion dollars in America alone. No one knows how much money he had hidden in other Nations. It has not also been revealed how many more African leaders have hidden stolen money in USA and how much they have hidden there.

Every year in every Nation in Africa, billions of dollars are stolen and hidden abroad. All the loans and grants given to the African Nations are always stolen and banked in personal bank accounts abroad. The stolen money benefit those foreign Nations. This is the money that is being used to build wonderful bridges, beautiful highways and skyscrapers in those foreign Nations where the stolen money is hidden. Yet the impoverished Africans are forced to pay back the loans that never reached them.

It sickens to hear the same foreign Nations who have been benefiting from the looted public funds at the expense of the suffering and dying poor Africans, pretending to be sympathetic to the plight of the African people, knowing so well that they have played a significant roll in the deaths of innocent mothers and their children. If the foreign Nations hiding the looted public funds do not freeze all the looted public funds hidden in their respective Nations, they should stop pretending to sympathize with the dying mothers and their children in Africa. Hiding the stolen money, places the foreign Nations in which the stolen money is hidden, in the same category as the looters of the public funds. Both are criminals.

It was wrong for the USA to wait for the death of Muammar  Gaddafi in order to reveal that he had stolen $30 billion from Libya and hidden the money in USA. Nations in which trillions of dollars stolen from Africa are hidden, should not wait until the looters of public funds are dead in order to reveal what is already stolen and hidden there. They would save many lives by stopping to provide venues where the looters of public funds can hide their stolen money.

How many children have died and continue to die out of the looted public funds? How many mothers have died and continue to die out of the looted public funds? How much inflation has been created and continues to be created out of the looted public funds, and how much suffering has been created and is being created out of the looted public funds? The Foreign Nations providing venues for hiding the looted public funds have committed the worst crime against Humanity.

If the US knew how much  Muammar  Gaddafi had stolen and hidden in USA, all the other foreign Nations in which stolen money has been hidden, know very well how much has been stolen, from where, by whom and how much is hidden in each of those foreign Nations. The continued provision of loans and grants to the African Nations is meaningless so long as the money is looted and hidden abroad.

The foreign Nations should freeze all the stolen money hidden abroad and send it back to the Nations of origin. They should stop pretended sympathy. If they feel for the impoverished suffering Africans, they should act now.

Isaac Newton Kinity

Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union and current Chairman

Kikimo Foundation for Corruption and Poverty Eradication.

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