The four most famous Kenyan artistes in Africa


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Kenya has birthed some really magnificent works of art. The kind that would effortlessly grab the attention of the entire continent, making Kenya proud in return.

These right here are the four most famous Kenyan artistes in Africa.

4. Camp Mulla

Back in 2010 and early 2011, this hip hop group consisting of three male rappers (Taio Tripper, Shappaman and K’Cous) and one female singer (Miss Karun), were only causing ripples on YouTube. When they shot their first official video ‘party don’t stop’, they transcended all musical barriers that most Kenyan artistes are yet to conquer. Soon after this, as they released more music, each better than the last and even commanding respect from the music industry all over Africa, Camp Mulla grew to what they are now. The most successful and famous Kenyan hip hop group, managing to collaborate with other huge African stars like WizKid.


3. Prezzo

Let’s just call it what it is. Before Prezzo participated in the Big Brother Africa Stargame, he was huge in East Africa. That still is a great achievement considering how hard it is to reach that level of fame and acceptance in the African music industry. By the time Prezzo was half way through the BBA reality game, Africans had already familiarized themselves with this flashy rapper. Being one of the finalists in the Stargame, and ending up as the ONE ambassador as a result incredibly boosted his fame and stats. Now, Prezzo makes entertainment news across the continent.


2. Suzzanna Owiyo

Ranked among Africa’s greatest Afro Fusion artistes like Zimbabwe’s Oliver Mtukudzi and DR Congo’s Mbilia Bel, Suzzanna Owiyo’s soulful voice has captured Africa in her musical web despite singing most of her songs in the Luo language. Performing in major concerts all over Africa and collaborating with some of it’s biggest and most loved Afro Fusion artistes has put her name where it currently is. At the top. Hell, she is even huge in the diaspora if the attendance in her concerts is anything to go by.


1. Eric Wainaina

Till date, Eric Wainaina holds the record of being the Kenyan artiste that has sold more than 2 million copies of his bestselling album, Sawa Sawa. If you are familiar with the hardships that come with making album sales in Kenya, better yet East Africa, then you know what an achievement this is. After the 1998 bombing brought Kenya to its knees, Eric’s song ‘Kenya Only’ which was released a while after, gave Kenyans hope for a brighter day, making it a favorite for many. By this time, he had already captured Africa’s attention.
Eric Wainaina gained worldwide fame after he produced Kenya’s most successful musical, ‘Mo Faya’ which played at the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Not forgetting all the great collaboration he has done with other great African artistes.


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