The Kenyan Party Primaries Debacle: New Wine in Old Wine Skins


By Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) in Kijabe.

Those who claim to know Theology, or Philosophy, and even the common folk for that matter, use the statements of Christ in many instances: “Give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser, and to God what belongs to God”. This one is used to encourage citizens to pay their taxes.  The part “unto God” is of course ignored: Another common quote, “. . . love your neigbor as you love yourself”  is popular. However, the statement before that encouraging the love of God is ignored . . . of course!


It is in that spirit I use the Lord’s words, “Do not put new wine into old wineskins”. Though his argument was at the dawn of the New Covenant, against the Jewish, “traditions of the fathers”, as God and Creator, I am lead to put more meaning to the quote than its spiritual intentions. In fact I can argue that when humanity observes the purposed divine process, life on earth becomes better! Why? Because God’s creative order intended GOOD for humanity!


Parliament passed new strict laws for motorists! Ha Ha Ha! I just drove to Nairobi from Kijabe. The Naivasha Hwy, if I can call it that, has no dividing lanes or road signs. With the mtungi size potholes, who can stay in one lane anyway? The other day I saw a women walking home carrying a load of tree branches cut from the nearby forest. I thought of asking her, “Mama, sasa mkikata miti, si mnaharibu mazingira?” But when she greeted me, she said, “Ni kuni ya kupikia watoto chakula”. How could I nose up my environmental ethic when she cannot afford cooking gas? She has no job, and her husband may be an idler . . . no work!


Then the IEBC announced American style primaries! What? Are you kidding me? Did any body expect the Kenyan politicians who for 50 years have learned the art of rigging to be transformed into democrats? The IEBC itself has not explained how Senate Candidate’s ID had her as a Kalenjin from Uasin Gishu in their “New” BVRs when she was a Kikuyu who just returned home from Atlanta! The TNA Kiambu Governor nominee, William Kabogo, was declared by the Standard Newspaper as the winner on the 17th of January. The nominations were to be held on the 18th! Front page News! Or Should I scream about people who lined up in Homa Bay to vote while ODM officials in Nairobi were announcing the winners? Mama Mia!


The constitution is new but unless we remove every Kenyatta, Moi, and Kibaki government officials, which is a dream, the new wine will continue to be poured into old wineskins. The Lord argued prophetically that in this case, its scientific conclusion is but BUST.  It did in 2007-2008.


Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) in Kijabe. Director International Desk, SYR Radio/TV. Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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