Sign Petition,Urge Kenyans To Vote In Peace

Next month, on March 4, 2013, Kenyan citizens will go to the polls to vote. People across the world care about the future of Kenya and we urge you to VOTE IN PEACE. We know it is possible and it’s why we’ve made this petition to demonstrate our support. In 2010, Kenyans held a referendum for a new constitution that did not involve bloodshed. It was a historic and proud moment for a great nation. It demonstrated Kenya could rise above ethnic and racial differences to vote peacefully.

 We are urging Kenyan citizens to choose peace again. We call on all Kenyans to respect the rule of law in the lead up to election day, on election day and afterward. Stand together and the rest of the world will stand with you.

It is up to ordinary Kenyans to choose peace again. Let us show Kenyans that people across the world support them in rejecting intimidation and violence. Let Kenyans know that we support them in coming together to continue building their great country.

Sign the urgent petition calling on all Kenyan citizens to respect the rule of law and VOTE IN PEACE and then forward this to everyone — when we hit 50,000 signers we’ll take our unprecedented global call to the local media in Kenya who will let all Kenyans know that the world is supporting them to vote peacefully.

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