Inspiring story of a Diaspora:The struggle,hard work,the payoff


For the young people out there, God gave us an opportunity to live in this country, Let us possess it and exploit our potential!!!

Many people know me as Karey. (Karey Kinuthia)  I’m only sharing my story to encourage the young people in the States. As a Kid and probably many of you can relate with me, My Dad always whispered to be that the sky is the limit. I grew up knowing that I can achieve whatever I set my Mind into. My Dad been a Christian, he never forgot to remind us how it was important to keep God first in everything we did.

My story abroad started back in 2002 when I landed to Finland to do my Bachelor in Nursing. When I arrived, everyone spoke Finnish, that hardest thing is when everyone around you speak a language you cannot understand. Even though the school was taught in English, I didn’t want to just go to school and not get involved. As a result, I was challenged to learn Finnish. This was the hardest language to learn so; I salute all Kenyans living in Finland who learned the language.

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When I was in my nursing programme, I did my exchange programme in  Birmingham, U.K with the NHS. I feel in love with the U.K. and wanted to go and practice nursing there. I started processing my U.K Nursing license in my final year of my nursing school planning to go practice nursing there after my graduation. What I had forgotten is a deep desire that I had when I was a kid to live and work in the States. Well, God had honored that desire and was waiting for the right time to come. I applied a greencard at the same time I was doing my U.K. licensing and continued to pray for a door to open. One day I was praying and I literally saw God handing me over a white envelope. I somehow knew I have won a greencard yet I hadn’t received the letter but the feeling of me being among the winners wouldn’t go away. Something kept telling me that that was the year for me to win the greencard and yes it was. One summer I went to check my letters and guess what I saw, an envelope from KentuckyJ Those who know how to dance for the Lord can already tell how excited I was jumping, dancing calling family. That confirmed the end of journey in Finland and the beginning to the United States.

The first thing I did was to study for NCLEX-RN.  (Nursing Board exam) so that I can be licensed in the States. While I was doing that I also knew I wanted to go back to school and advance my career. I talked to different people and searched from the internet. Even though I wanted to do Biomedical engineering, It was kind of not worth it. (The pay for nursing and biomedical engineering is almost the same. I know you are shaking your head but yes, I’m a big believer that If I have to work hard for something I better get huge results to) I started working as a Patient technician (nurse-aide) In Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas before I got my RN licesence. I met one Kenyan guy there who was a PharmD (Doctors in Pharmacy) I got so inspired that I spent the rest of my time searching on how to become a pharmacist in the States. By the time I passed my Board exam, I knew pharmacy is what I wanted to do and I went for it.

Pharmacy Is a 7 year career in the States. It takes you 3 years in the pre-pharmacy and 4 years in the pharmacy programme. For you to get into the pharmacy programme, you need to get almost all A’s in the pre-pharmacy programme or a GPA of more than a 3.5 I worked so hard in my pre-pharmacy programme. Finally I got in University of Wisconsin-Madison for my pharmacy. (University of Wisconsin-Madison was the 5th best pharmacy school in the States) I’m now rapping up with my second year of pharmacy school. I have come to accept challenges in my life and have learned that what really can’t break you it makes you strong. I know they are so many young people in the United States who have a lot of potential. Please don’t let go your dreams. Falling down is temporal just come back strong. Also keep trying and never give up even though the journey is long. Persistent is the Key to success. The other most important thing, know who fights your battles. You’re Lord in heaven flights battles for you. Make him know your needs. I’m very proud for all Kenyans who are challenging any career, my fellow pharmacists, doctors, lawyers, Nurse PR actioners, Nurse Anesthetics, Nurses, engineers name it. And of course, the more the ladies are doing the more I’m proud. Sorry I’m a big advocate of women empowerment. God bless you Kenyans in Diaspora and if anyone wants to know anything about pharmacy or nursing feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Mary Kinuthia

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