Word of the Day:Learn how to act before disaster strikes

In a floods prone area, one man builds his house on a valley and when the rains come, he packs up all his belongings and moves to higher ground to escape the floods. In the same area, a second man builds his house on a hill in a way that when the floods come, he will have nothing to worry about. Among these two men, one is reactive while the other is proactive. The first man lives for the moment but forgets about tomorrow, he is triggered by the sight of danger, he is a problem solver. The second man anticipates the future and takes measures to be on the safe side, he prefers to avoid problems.

Taking precaution is always better than solving problems. Being careful with the matchstick is way much easier than putting off a building that’s on fire. Time and again, we have heard the phrase prevention is better than cure. We save both time and energy when we learn how to act before disaster strikes. Yes hope is good, we live everyday in high expectations of a brighter new day but hope must be accompanied by logic and reason. Some say to predict or anticipate disaster is to be pessimistic, call me a realist but I say keeping your guard on at all times is way better than having no guard at all. I love quoting my father when I say, ‘being always on your guard is not a sign of cowardice but a mark of wisdom.

Proverbs 22:3:The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it..

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