Media Council of Kenyans violently robbbed in Jo’burg South Africa


Members of the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) who are in South Africa on official duty were on Monday robbed   in  a bizarre crime incident in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Although, the city is rated as the leading in armed crimes in the world, little did MCK members who included Information Secretary Ezekiel Mutua expect to be robbed right in front of a five star hotel.
Mutua wrote on his Facebook account on Sunday night the that the delegation which also included the Media Complaints Commission chair Grace Katasi and members Fatuma Hersi and Peter Maura were robbed just in front of the five star hotel before checking in.
No one was hurt in the incident.
“Getting robbed at the parking lot  of a five-star hotel, in an up-market area of a major city, and right inside a tour van is not something one would have expected, but this is the ordeal that greeted me and my colleagues from the Media Council of Kenya on arrival in Jo’burg at exactly 1pm on Sunday. And this in broad daylight at exactly 1pm local time! But God is great no one was harmed though we lost everything – passports, money, jewels, credit cards, phones, iPads and all,” Mutua wrote.
He said that fortunately, their hosts the Press Council of South Africa and the Kenyan mission had come to their aide and arranged temporary stay and travel documents.
“Courtesy of our host – the Press Council of SA and our High Commissioner here Ambassador Wamoto, we have temporary travel documents and are able to carry on with our duties here as detectives do their job. The story of our lives!” Mutua


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