Word of the Day:Build bridges, don’t burn them.

How many bridges have you burnt so far? On a literal view, this might sound quite odd but really, how many bridges have you burnt so far? How many places have you passed through but you would not be able to go back again because you left the place in bad faith? How many people-friends, family, partners, colleagues have you lost touch with but you wouldn’t as much as dare call and say hi because you shattered any chance there was between you to make contact? Your previous work places; would you easily and confidently list your former boss as your CV referee? Would you easily go back to him and ask for another job after you already left?

There are those times that you may be desperately in need of help and the only person that is in a position to help you is someone from your past. At this particular time, the manner by which you parted ways with that person is all that counts. How well you treated that other person or the respect that you showed them will determine how easily you will be able to approach them.

Every time we move from one place to another, every time we meet new people or get a chance to interact with people in our lives, we should always remember to show them that they count. Let’s learn to treat every place and everyone with the utmost respect that they require. Don’t act mean or show disrespect to someone for a reason that wouldn’t deserve it. Sometimes, we find that the only way forward is tracing back your steps to a past point or event. Let’s always learn to build bridges instead of burning them.

Romans 12:18:If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone…

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