Word of the Day:The beauty of forgiveness.

Want to live a long, happy life? Forgive the unforgivable. It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself. The person may not deserve to be forgiven for all the pain and suffering inflicted on your life, but you deserve to be free from this evil.To forgive literally means to untie.You therefore,untie the bindings and loosen yourself from evil.

In all four Gospels, Jesus notes the importance of forgiving others to ensure God’s forgiveness. In Mathew 18:22, the Bible tells us to forgive seventy times seven, a reference to Jesus’ instruction to his disciples that they must forgive without bound. The person asked if it was enough to forgive someone seven times, probably thinking that was being quite tolerant. Jesus said that wasn’t nearly enough.

Repentance goes along with forgiveness. If someone does something unkind and then seeks forgiveness, and we in turn forgive the person, it doesn’t mean that they get a free pass to be unkind again in the same way. If a person is truly sorry, then they need to really try to not do the same mean thing again. True repentance and true forgiveness go hand in hand.

Colossians 3:13:Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

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