Word of the Day:Be Thankful Always

Family Media is thankful to the lord as it celebrated yesterday, the 6th Anniversary of one of the most watched local programs in Kenya, known as Doctors on call. This program brings qualified and experienced doctors on Family TV every second Sunday of the month, where the doctors provide viewers with insights into a variety of health conditions that they may be struggling with. Since this program was started we have seen it grow and its viewership is widening, for it can now be watched via the internet on familymediaonline.com. All this has been achieved because of the Almighty God.

In connection to doctors, a story was once told of a man who had to undergo radiation treatments for throat cancer. The therapy damaged his taste buds so that he couldn’t taste food. His inability to enjoy a meal made eating a dreaded duty. The doctors told him his taste might return after the treatments were finished, but no one could say for certain. Weeks passed, then months. Every meal became a forced feeding to keep him alive. After eating flavorless food for over a year, he sat down for dinner one evening. Reluctantly, he forced the fork inside his mouth and discovered that his taste had returned. What most people would call an ordinary dinner became the best meal he had eaten in his life.

Through losing his taste and then regaining it, he learned to enjoy each bite as never before. He became thankful for the ability to taste because he now had a reference point. He would never forget what it was like to eat tasteless food. You don’t have to lose something in order to be thankful. You can develop a “taste” for your blessings by simply realizing what life would be like without them. Learn to be thankful always.

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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