DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: Kenyan Murdered in Bethlehem, PA


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DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: Kenyan Murdered in Bethlehem, PA

DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: Kenyan Murdered in Bethlehem, PAIt is with great sorrow and heavy hearts that we announce the death of Ian Butiya Juma, 21, of Bethlehem, Pennyslyvania. Ian was fatally shot under mysterious circumstance on Saturday June 29th at 10 P.M. and was pronounced dead shortly after midnight at St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, PA. The body is currently at the Johnson Funeral Home, 426 Hanover St, Allentown, PA.

Ian is survived by a loving fiancée, Jasmine Brown, and 2 year old son, Denzel Juma. He was the eldest son to Tom and Eunice Juma and a brother to Zola and Bradley Juma; all of Bethlehem, PA.

He was a nephew to Peter Mugala (Allentown), Alan and Zibia Amiani, Catherine Kabaka, Grace Engoke, Lucy and Jocye Mugala, Rose Musonye (MD), Jane Musonye (Philadelphia), and Billy Avedi and Dr. Morrison Muleri of MD, among others.

He was a loving cousin to Dan Kezengwa, Bonbella Buraje, Janice Mbanne, Anafrid and Herbert Amiani, Salvidia Indobera, Sydney Mugala, Syrus Odange and Stephanie and Fiona Gydei, among others.

The funeral committee wishes to announce the following program of events:

§ Tuesday July 3rd at 8 P.M.: Candle lighting organized by Ian’s friends at 744 Eighth Ave, Bethlehem, PA

§ Daily praise and worship meetings at 6 P.M at Juma’s residence; 126 East Ettwein St, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

§ Saturday July 6th: Memorial Service and Fundraising at the Salvation Army Church, 521 Pembroke Road, Bethlehem, PA 18018. Tel. 610 867 4681: Open casket viewing 2-3 P.M, Memorial Service 3-5 P.M, final casket viewing 5-6 P.M, and fundraising 7 P.M – 3 A.M. Kindly note that all the events are at the same venue.

Family Contacts:


Tom Juma 484 951 8009

Eunice Juma 484 767 3178

Zola Juma 484 767 8047

Jayne Musonye 484 477 6933

Catherine Indobera 484 767 5143

Grace Enyoke 484 767 2829

Lucy Mugala 484 767 2829

Joyce Mugala 770 880 8258

Morrison Muleri 202 352 5968



Committee Contacts:


Lawrence Obiero 484 350 5154

Doc Odotte 732 213 9699

Dan Okwiri 484 550 2509

Emily Nyindondo 610 570 7365

Benbo Oguche 610 504 0929

Jane Odessey 484 838 4946

Elizabeth Otieno 484 347 7913

Karen Ogutu 484 951 9442

Erika Otieno 845 536 3979

Anne Agengo 610 704 4091

Betty Odotte 484 951 2412

Solomon Tembo 484 951 4091

Tom Maina 609 995 4884

Evans Musungu 718 508 2155


DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: Kenyan Murdered in Bethlehem, PA


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