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First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. My name is James Ndungu, and I recently moved back home from the Diaspora. My passion is investment, and having lived in the Diaspora for nearly twenty years I know how hard it is to get valuable and reliable investment advice. I thought I would start the column by starting with the basics, setting the foundation for a stable financial future begins with planning. I am a firm believer in planning; I have planned for my personal growth, my family and our future. Before investing in a house or land in Kenya, I believe the greatest investment needs to be in ourselves and securing our family.

Have you lost a dear friend or family member recently? Did you attend their fund-raising?

Fund-raisings are an African culture to bring people together to mourn with the bereaved. Fund-raisings are not meant to necessarily remove the financial burden that the bereaved family is likely to face.

This is something I realized when I came back home, that very few people plan for life insurance. More so, very few understand the importance of planning for unforeseen circumstances. The future of our families is the most important legacy that we leave behind. Planning for education expenses, housing expenses, funeral costs are critical for any family. Weighing the options now will set up the future for our loved ones. Don’t leave your families future to chance, as Mahatma Gandhi once said;

“The future depends on what you do today”.

A simple plan now could go a long way in securing your family’s financial future.-Diaspora Banking


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